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  Artist - Roster (all genres) Stand: April 2024  

BOYTRONIC   Boytronic
  Synthiepop from Germany

DAF   DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft)
  Electro from Germany

... more about DAF
Godex   Godex
  Gothicrock from Germany

... more about GODEX
In Mitra Medusa Inri   In Mitra Medusa Inri
  Wave/Cold Wave from Germany

In The Nursery   In The Nursery
  Gothic / Ambient from UK

... more about IN THE NURSERY
Me The Tiger   Me The Tiger
  Electro / Pop from Sweden

... more about ME THE TIGER
She Past Away   She Past Away
  Dark-Wave / Post-Punk from Turkey

... more about SHE PAST AWAY
Traitrs   Traitrs
  Post-Punk from Canada

Twin Noir   Twin Noir
  Punk-Wave from Germany

Tyske Ludder   Tyske Ludder
  Electro / Industrial from Germany

... more about TYSKE LUDDER
Viva La Fete   Vive La Fete
  Kitschpop from Belgium

Vomito Negro   Vomito Negro
  Electro / Industrial from Belgium

... more about VOMITO NEGRO
Whispers In The Shadow   Whispers In The Shadow
  Gothic / Rock from Austria



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