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WOD - Streetteam:

Ever fancied being a member of the WOD-Street-Team?
Then read on and find out what is involved...

The Street-Team's cooperation with the agency's activities not only constantly supplies its members with promotional materials (Flyer and Promo-CD’s etc), but it also guarantees you being up-to-date on the latest information on all the WOD bands, their tour dates, and certainly their album releases.

All activities are unpaid (gratuitous), but the WOD-Team's involve- ment will be rewarded by certain advantages not available to the general public (including free concert admissions or in some cases, reduced ticket prices).

If this interests you and you would like to become part of the WOD- Street-Team, please send an eMail to info[at]wod[dot]de and let us know about yourself, your favourite WOD band(s), and what it is exactly about the band(s) that appeal(s) to you.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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