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  She Past Away   

She Past Away is often described as the “new dark-wave” in reviews. Post-punk, old school yet up-to-date and spiced up with Turkish lyrics.

She Past Awaystarted back in 2009, gained recognition after the release of “Belirdi Gece” LP on Fabrika Records in 2012.

The band played most of the major festivals of their genre and still touring with sold-out shows worldwide. Their music was the theme of Dior Homme 2016 Spring-Summer collection. Their next release is due on early 2018.

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  Volkan Caner:
  guitar & vocals

  Doruk Ozturkcan:
  synth & back vocals


  Bandinfo (PDF)

  Press image


Album 2015
“Narin Yalnizlik”

Album 2012
“Belirdi Gece”


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