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“Will microClocks become as good as Depeche Mode?“

The oh-so independent and impartial “Bild”, Germany’s most famous tabloid paper, entitled an article about microClocks with these words some time ago. Since then, the yellow press has been obsessing about this question more than the band itself. The comparison with the celebrities from Basildon falls short … but still ennobles the band from the Ruhr area (Germany)! Stylistically, microClocks is rooted in the rock and pop music of the 80s, but likes to snack from the tree of electronica and industrial. Hence, microClocks is far from being a plagiarism of well-known artists.

Powerful guitars, complex arrangements, stomping rhythms and finest synthesizer sounds – with this mixture the last single “Is Anybody Out There?” jumped to number 8 of the “German Alternative Charts”, followed by news coverage in nearly all relevant scene magazines and daily papers. Big and small festival and club shows have been performed – from the “M’era Luna” festival in 2014 with headliners like Within Temptation and Marilyn Manson to a tour throughout Germany presented by “Sennheiser” and “intro” music magazine.

In 2016, b releases the album “Soon Before Sundown”. For the first single “The Edge” none other than experienced producer José Alvarez-Brill (Unheilig, Wolfsheim, De/Vision) came on board. The content of the new songs focuses on all kinds of pressing social issues – loss of values, wrong ideals, waste of privacy. However, pensive and interpersonal tones are adopted as well – on the new album more than ever before.

In fact, with this new complete package microClocks is ready! Ready to enter the club charts with its very peculiar interpretation of electronic rock, to thrill the festivalgoers, to let the reviewers marvel… and to appear in the yellow press again, at worst!

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  JT - Main Vox

  Stevie Jay - Keys, Vox

  Marc Dorman - Guitars, Vox

  Daniel "Butcher" Stieber - Drums


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  Last Releases:


Album "Soon Before Sundown"
(Echozone / Soulfood)


Single "The Edge"
(Echozone / Soulfood)


Album "Opinions are on Sale"
(Artist Station Records/Soulfood)


Single "Is anybody out there?"
(Artist Station Records/Soulfood)


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