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  Me The Tiger   

ME THE TIGER talk about their new album:

Ok, so here it is. Our third album - “What is beautiful never dies”. You are free to interpret the title as you like. For us, though, it has several meanings - but mainly it’s about to never lose faith in what’s good or right.

During the creating process of thisalbum the world has turned. And it has turned far right. We have experienced the largest refugee catastrophe in modern time, and at the same time the xenophobia has increased in almost every corner of our world.In times when we need to stand together more than ever we instead put focus on our differences. We have seen right-wing politicians gain more and more power all over Europe. In both Russia and USA we have leaders who build their power on fear, nationalism and hate. What kind of future these so called leaders can drive us into scares us so bad. Despite all this we still believe there’s a chance to change. A change to something better. There’s more good than bad in the world. There must be. What is beautiful never dies.

All of this has made a natural impression on both the lyrics and the music. It still sounds one hundred percent ME THE TIGER, but the tone is maybe even a little bit more serious than before. The tempo on the album shifts, and this one contains a few more low key songs than on earlier releases. Maybe a result of what’s been rushing through our hearts lately.

Though, there are still a lot of danceable and energetic tunes as well. We guess it’s our kind of therapy to clear our minds. And if you just want to listen to our music and dance the night away. Please do. Because what is beautiful never dies.

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  Gabriella Åström: Vocals & Synth
  Tobias Andersson: Synth & Guitar
  Jonas Martinsson: Drums


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  Press image


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“What is beautiful never dies”

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Digital release 2013


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