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The Heart Collector

At the start of 2009, after many albums, concerts with HIM and big festivals like Wacken and WGT, and following the split with his gothic metal formation, Thora, singer/songwriter Tommy Tom founded his new gothic rock band, GODEX. Tommy received musical support from the bassist Ingo Hey, who already played in relevant bands like the gothic pioneers Dronning Maud Land, as well as Schelmish. With catchy melodies and rocking songs in the style of The 69 Eyes or HIM, GODEX captured the hearts of all metal, gothic and rock fans with their first album “Gates Of The Universe”. Since then, they have become a permanent feature on the dark culture scene. Before long, GODEX were playing their first larger and smaller concerts and from the word go, they received much acclaim for their live performances.

It wasn’t long before the next GODEX album was released. Mid 2011, it was back to the studio to record “Lovesick”, on which GODEX continued on their chosen musical path. Whereas “Gates” was kept quite straightforward, “Lovesick” was more of a surprise with more complex arrangements and harder parts without however missing the catchiness of its forerunner. The memorable lyrics and melodies of this album again clearly reflected GODEX’ potential.

Following the release of “Lovesick”, GODEX again took to the stage and played concerts with, among others, the stalwarts of goth rock/metal, Crematory, the Finnish glam/goth band, Private Line, as well as End of Green, Lacrimas Profundere and many more. At festivals GODEX also managed to win over the audiences, for example, at the Blackfield Festival in 2013 with bands like Staubkind, Mono Inc. and Eisbrecher.

A short time later GODEX secured, thanks to their steadily growing fan base, one of the most sought after support act slots within the “Mäzenatentumult” presented by Orkus! and ASP and at the end of 2013 they performed as an opener at one of the ASP tour concerts.

Early in 2014, GODEX released their third album, “Chamber Doom”, the first purely acoustic GODEX album. On this work, Tommy Tom was supported by artist and pianist, Raphael Grüner, who helped with the interpretation of older GODEX songs and pieces from the earlier band, Thora, helped inspire and, with his unique piano playing, gave the whole album a concertante touch. Reduced down to piano, vocals, drums, strings and bass, the listener experiences a coherent album that captivates the listener right to the last note, despite the rather lengthy time gap between some of the compositions’appearance. “Chamber Doom” is presented in a stylishly designed digifile with vinyl CD which gives the album, consistent with the music, and slight retro touch.

In 2015, there were then further concerts where GODEX played with, among others, MONO INC. in Attendorn. In the middle of the year, the pre-production for the new album “The Heart Collector” was ready and the album was subsequently recorded at the legendary Woodhouse Studios. “The Heart Collector” was produced by Siggi Bemm, who has also worked with greats such as Udo Lindenberg, Peter Maffay, Joachim Witt and Tiamat and many others.

Promotion of the new GODEX album began at the beginning of 2016. In cooperation with the Dortmund-based video and design agency, ÜberRot, a new image and design concept for GODEX was developed and in the middle of 2016 the CD design for“The Heart Collector” and a music video for “Glory Glitter And Gold” were produced. Finally, the only thing left was the master for the new album, which was then of course also produced by Siggi Bemm. With some harmonious artwork, a creative and professional video and sensational production by Siggi Bemm, GODEX have managed with “The Heart Collector” to create a masterpiece of modern rock music that will definitely captivate many new fans and take GODEX’ music to a completely new level.

With this newly-released fourth studio album, “The Heart Collector”, GODEX have taken a new direction. Whereas the previous albums were produced by the singer and mastermind of GODEX, Tommy Tom himself, for “The Heart Collector” the band brought in notable and prominent help. For no one less than the production legend, Siggi Bemm, took over the musical direction. The two months of work at the Woodhouse Studios has really paid off. Siggi, who has worked with, among others, artists such as Tiamat, Lindenberg and Maffay, has wonderfully summed up the band’s musical expression. Starting with a concertante, classic introduction GODEX, straight away with their first song,the album’s title track, develop their fantastic hit potential and captivate the listener from the word go.

With no-nonsense Gothic Rock, “The Heart Collector” wins over those who know the scene and immediately reminds us of the heydays of HIM and then continues with a mid-tempo number that brims over with emotion and carries the listener off into the melodic, melancholic Goth Rock world of GODEX. Sometimes rock-like, sometimes sentimentally sad and moving, the listener will experience an album a cut above the rest that leads from one highlight to the next. Alongside classic ballads and catchy up-tempo songs, the album also contains the ultimate anthem “Glory Glitter and Gold”. Using shuffled rhythm, modern sounds and danceable loops, GODEX have created a great classic that can keep up with comparable anthems such as “Wind of Change” by the Scorpions or Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

And so the musical journey continues. The delicate and lyrical “Hopes and Dreams”, followed by the fast and harder “The Frozen One” will enchant the listener and reveal singer Tommy Tom’s fragile inner life whose distinctive voice gives the whole piece a truly special touch.

The album is rounded off by the warm and lively sound of Siggi Bemm who has created here a masterpiece drawing on the great Woodhouse albums such as Theatre of Tragedy’s “Aegis” or Tiamat’s “Wildhoney”. The production is full of energy and enthusiasm and so clearly sets itself apart from anything else out there at the moment. The spirit of the 70s combined with present day maturity leaves nothing to be desired.

Summed up, “The Heart Collector” contains 14 songs that in one perfect structure illustrate GODEX’ versatility and conclusively establishes GODEX as a new star in the universe of music. „The Heart Collector“ will be released on 5th May 2017.

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VÖ 2017
“The Heart Collector”

VÖ 2014
“Chamber Doom”

VÖ 2013

VÖ 2009
“Gates Of The Universe”


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