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There are no vacant positions at this time. However, as we also work with freelancers, we are prepared to receive convincing CV's from freelancers as need arises and after prior agreement.


Unless advised otherwise, tickets in advance for our current concerts can be purchased at our WOD-Ticketshop.
We will be pleased to advise you, by telephone or in writing, of the regional contact for ticket ordering and reservation, if tickets for a concert won’t be listed in our WOD-Ticketshop.

WOD-Office: +49(0)5751-89 39 29 or info[at]wod[dot]de

Promotion CD's:

WOD Booking, Management & Promotion only provides local organisers with promotion CD's for concert booking purposes. Online Magazines and radio stations cannot normally be provided with CD's because the record companies only make available a limited number per release.

Please direct your request to the record company of the respective band.

Demo material:

We kindly ask newcomer bands not to send us unsolicited audio material without our confirmation that there is a use for it. For time and economical reasons, we can only work with bands that have an own fanbase (min. 100 fans per city), a recording contract or whose CD's are available via a professional sales channel.


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