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In the beginning there was fire.

In the beginning there was fire. Not exactly innocuous but still very important: Those who were able to tame it had a clear advantage. With music it is exactly the same. Those who are unable to tame their creativity will be wolfed down by it. Just like that. BURN have internalized that. Today, they are carrying fire through the night lighter and more self-confident than ever. They are still aware, though, what Neil Young’s line “it’s better to burn out than to fade away” really means.

With their second album “Black Magnolia”, the musicians from Munster presented a really precious gem of wavy rock sounds in 2012. Produced by Vincent Sorg (In Extremo, Die Toten Hosen) and Henning Verlage (Unheilig), it was the consequent sequel of their debut. There was an intensive “Black Magnolia” tour, followed by Germany-wide concerts with Unheilig, Fields Of The Nephilim or Schandmaul. As a result, the number of positive reviews increased and there were more and more enquiries from the press– more than a huge step forward. But there’s no light without shadow: “After ‘Black Magnolia’ had been released and the tour with Schandmaul was over, the band started to tear apart”, lead singer Felix Friberg remembers. “Some band members just lacked the willingness to continue working on what we had achieved so far”. And that was quite a bit at that stage.

In other words: What started out as a high flame and flared more than promising, burned more and more down to a small light. But the spark that BURN had ignited in the first did not extinguish. Drastic measures were necessary to re-spark it. BURN became a phoenix that burnt itself to rise from its own ashes. “As if a long relationship broke down”, Friberg describes this time. “You have known each other for such a long time and have gone through so much but find out that you are looking in different directions.” The hard this step was for him, the clear it was: “I keep going. This is not the end yet.”

No, this really was not the end. In 2016, BURN are back. With new members, newly set goals but primarily with new confidence, the band is looking into the future, which could not be more promising thanks to the new album "Ein Monument aus Gold" (“A monument of gold”). “The atmosphere is relaxed as rarely before”, emphasizes Friberg visibly satisfied. And not only the atmosphere: the music as well. Absolutely recognizable in terms of style - but still different.

One reason for that is the German language that Friberg used in his texts for the first time. “It was clear for me from the very beginning that there was no way back to the familiar”, he explains this metamorphosis. A truly lucky choice: The songs raise likeable associations with great voices of the past and bring the music an extra originality and depth. “The German language is hard and edgy and as a singer you stand there completely naked at the same time”, says Friberg. “The things you sing directly jump into the listener’s face. That made the work so exciting.”

And this is exactly what makes tracks like “Halte an Deinem Traum fest” (“Hold on to your dream”) that excellent. A text which reflects the emotions of its writer just as much as the everyday battles we all have to fight out – a melancholic but still inspiring mood, pervasive songs and these unfolded melodies that let the 80ies merge with the 90ies and the present into a new sound. “We have simply turned to ourselves”, says Friberg. No doubt: This is the stuff bonfires are made of. The stuff, that lets BURN march into the world of meaningful rock music as a torch-bearer now. With one important difference: the fire will not go out this time.

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  Felix Friberg: Vocals, Guitar
  Christian Wischer: Guitar
  Markus Düring: Bass
  Jörg Schwaer: Drums


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  Press image

  Press image


VÖ 06.10.2016
“Ein Monument aus Gold”
Album (Trisol)

Album (Trisol)

Album (Trisol)


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